Lessons Learned: Specialized Youth Permanency Services

California has a rich history of successful specialized youth permanency programs.  This presentation gives a brief and targeted overview of consolidated lessons learned from from those projects. Jurisdictions are advised to incorporate those lessons into their program design and implementation.

CSAC (California Association of Counties) Legislative Conference 2016   Workshop for Human Services Policy Committee

Title: Permanent Families for Children Who Wait in Foster Care

No Board of Supervisors wants to leave money on the table, especially when it comes to meeting the needs of their vulnerable foster youth.  But that’s what happens when counties do not implement child-centered specialized permanency services proven to be effective in making permanency probable even for foster children and youth considered least-likely to achieve a permanent family.  This presentation highlights the partnership of Sacramento County’s Board of Supervisors, their Department of Health and Human Services, and CBO’s in making these services available to children who wait in foster care.  The result: improved permanency outcomes and significant general fund and realignment savings.  Learn about how the Continuum of Care Reform (CCR) provides funding for these services, how to reinvest those savings to keep the promise of permanency for children in your care, and how AB 1879 will bring them in reach of your children waiting for permanent families.

Presenters:        Supervisor Don Nottoli, Sacramento County;   Gail Johnson Vaughan, Director Emerita / Chief Permanency Officer, Families NOW


NACAC Conference 2015:

Workshop1: Funding Specialized Youth Permanency Services: Gail Johnson Vaughan, Jeff Landre (Families NOW), Bob Herne (Sierra Forever Families), Supervisor Don Nottoli (Sacramento County Board of Supervisors)

Learn how specialized youth permanency services are being self-funded, expanded, and enriched by documenting, leveraging, and reinvesting savings achieved by moving youth from foster care to adoption and other forms of legal permanency.  Sacramento County’s Destination Family Permanency Program provides a replicable case study of best practice, improved permanency outcomes, public/private and interdepartmental collaborations, and long-term sustainable funding.

Workshop 2: Improving Access to Adoption Competent Clinicians: Sharon DeRego, (California Department of Social Services) and Gail Johnson Vaughan (Families NOW)

California’s historic AB1790 created a Stakeholders Group to identify barriers that prevent children adopted from foster care from receiveing mental health services by clinicians with specialized clinical training in adoption or permanency issues.  This bill also requires the Department of Social Services to make specific recommendations of voluntary efforts counties can make to address these barriers.  The presenters will share the group’s findings