AB1790 signing message

AB 1790 Signing Message

CDSS Final Recommendations

I-26_16 Recommendations for Adoption Competent Clinical Services

Families Now is also developing a AB 1790 Implementation Guide and Toolkit.  Special thanks to the Sierra Health Foundation and Walter S Johnson Foundation for grants to help fund this effort.


In 2014 Families NOW successfully sponsored California AB 1790 to improve the stability of adoption and guardianship families by increasing the pool of mental health providers with specialized training in adoption / permanency clinical issues (Co-sponsored by the California Association of Adoption Agencies).

The legislation required the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) to convene a Stakeholders Group to:

  1. Identify barriers to the provision of mental health services by mental health professionals with specialized clinical training in adoption or permanency issues to children who are receiving services pursuant to W&I Code Section 16125.
  2. By January 31, 2016, make specific recommendations for voluntary measures available to state and local government agencies and private entities, as appropriate, to address those barriers


Families NOW is enjoying a very positive partnership with the leadership of CDSS to guide the work of the Stakeholder’s Group and assist with the preparation of the recommendations that resulted.

Nine Stakeholder meetings were held to identify barriers and draft recommendations for voluntary actions that can be taken by counties, mental health providers, and training institutions. These will be assembled into a report to the legislature by CDSS by January 31, 2016. Families NOW plans to publish a companion guide for implementing the recommendations.

Implementation Toolkit


Draft Tools For Public Child Welfare Agencies

Draft Tools For Private Child Welfare Agencies

Draft Tools For Public Behavioral Health Agencies Programs

Draft Tools For Private Mental Health Organizations