Hot Off the Press – Sierra Health Foundation Publishes our Funding Youth Permanency Guide

Hot Off the Press – <em>Sierra Health Foundation Publishes our Funding Youth Permanency Guide</em>

With grant support from the Sierra Health Foundation Families NOW researched and wrote Funding Youth Permanency – A County Guide to Funding Child-Centered Specialized Permanency Services for Youth in Foster Care (June 2015).  This document gives an overview of successful specialized permanency services and provides a detailed explanation of how these services pay for them.  It was written in language that my 13 year old grandson could understand, so there is hope for all of us.

The guide was prepared to assist counties with the fiscal analysis useful to replicating successful youth permanency practices.  Although the specific funding examples given are for California, the basic premises hold true for all states. 

We were proud to present the Guide to the California Child Welfare Council at their June statewide meeting, and deeply grateful for the ongoing support of their Permanency Committee and Assistant Secretary Sylvia Pizzini for their support of this project and our work to improve permanency outcomes for children in foster care.

If you ever wonder how child welfare financing works, you are not alone.  Sometimes it seems you need to know the secret handshake to access the information. There are so many different funding streams with different rules, eligibility, and sharing ratios.  All those things change when the child moves into a permanent family.  They change again when the state or federal government make changes in their funding methodologies.  Whether you are interested specifically in funding child-centered youth permanency or child welfare financing in general you will find this interesting. 

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