Gail has a keen understanding of how our current child welfare system and finances are working to support our goal for all children to have loving, permanent families and what needs to be changed to make that goal a reality for children who are still waiting. She works collaboratively with policymakers, social workers, advocates, community members and families to develop practical solutions to advance our progress toward the goal. She will not rest until we get there.

Sylvia Pizzini, DPA, MSW Assistant Secretary, California Health and Human Services Agency

Gail is a respected national leader in the field of youth permanence. She is incredibly knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated to creating systems, services and policies that improve the lives of children and youth impacted by foster care. Gail is a change agent. She is the real deal. 

Darlene Allen, Executive Director, Adoption Rhode Island Executive Director, Adoption Rhode Island

For three decades Gail has been a thought leader and myth buster in adoption, proving that all children can achieve permanent families. She has inspired the child welfare field, led practice changes, developed and driven legislative reforms, and inspired her peers and policy makers to make permanency in a family the first priority for children and youth. There is a family for every child and Gail continues to educate and lead on how that can and must happen across the country.

Carol Biddle, COO COO, National Center on Adoption and Permanency and founder and former CEO of Kinship Center, CA

Gail Johnson has been a tireless advocate and champion for permanency for all children and youth in foster care, but particularly for older youth. She has been instrumental in the development of systems and programs to achieve permanency for youth and for breaking through barriers to permanency. Gail is persistent and relentless in her pursuit!

Jill Jacobs Executive Director, Family Builders

Renowned for her superb ability to forge solutions to the challenges that face the child welfare community, Gail Johnson refused to passively participate in a system that allowed California’s most fragile and vulnerable children to languish in a broken foster care system.

Darrell Steinberg Founder, Steinberg Institute for Advancing Mental Health Policy, Former California Senate President Pro Temp

Gail’s vision and commitment to the belief that there are families for all children who wait has transformed the landscape for foster children. SAS achieves results by focusing on changing government systems.  It’s hard work bucking entrenched policies and beliefs and takes a committed leader who does not accept the warehousing of children.   

Jan Stohr Founder, Nonprofit Resource Center

Gail has long been a visionary leader in foster care.

Jen Troia California Senate Budget Staff

Gail Johnson Vaughan is an outstanding and visionary leader. She sees possibilities in what others view as impossible, finding solutions hiding in plain sight. Gail has had a huge impact on improving permanency outcomes for those children least likely to achieve lifetime families. Tirelessly committed to opening the doors to permanent families for children in foster care, Gail is skilled at forming synergistic partnerships and is a brilliant beacon for excellence in the field of child welfare.

Judy Nelson JD, MSW, CP

There are no longer any excuses for children lingering in or aging out of foster care. Gail Johnson Vaughn, through Mission Focused Solutions, not only keenly understands that, but has leapt far outside conventional thinking by working to influence change in systems, to provide tools to break down financial barriers while driving budget reform, and to build collaborative efforts to strengthen and energize organizations. We are proud to work with her in these efforts and on behalf of the children who need our best thinking, our urgent actions and our uncompromising belief that they are worth the effort.

Rita Soronen President/CEO, Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Gail is one of a kind in her unflagging commitment in finding forever families for youth. She has been blessed with an eloquence in spreading that word!

MaryJane Ryan-Connelly Nevada County Foster Youth Services

Families NOW brings hope to youth who have given up on having a family. Focused on assuring that all permanency efforts connect youth and families, they have brought a successful fiscal and clinical methods to the child welfare field.

Darla Henry PhD MSW 3-5-7 Model, LLC

Gail Johnson Vaughan has proven herself to be a visionary leader in child welfare practice. After 22 years directing a nationally-recognized adoption and adolescent permanency organization, she took the lead in a national movement to direct state and federal funding where it matters most – to ensuring that all youth leave care with a permanent family/parenting commitment. Families NOW can help your county, state, and/or agency in securing the financial support required to meet this goal.

Kim Stevens NACAC Community Champions Network

It’s so difficult identifying Organizations with so many, that deserve more attention. The work that Families Now is doing in support of Foster Children and Foster Parents deserve that attention. Thank you Families Now.