Why we do our work:

Foster care is designed to be a temporary service to children whose parents are struggling to overcome adverse circumstances to allow their children to come home. We make an implicit promise to each of the children – a promise to return them to a safer, more stable, loving, and committed family than the one we removed them from – either their own family or a new family that will give them love and belonging to last a lifetime.

For far too many children we do not keep that promise. Over 16,000 children in California alone have been in foster care for over 3 years. Almost 10,000 have been in care for over 5 years. Over 4,000 will turn 18 or age out of care this year without a family. Their outcomes are poor, within two years 50% will be homeless, in prison, victimized or dead.

The children need families now! You see, we actually know how to find families for these children and even more startling, it doesn’t cost the counties anything to provide the services to make it happen. The children wait needlessly.


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Families NOW opens the doors to permanent families for children in foster care. We are a highly effective advocacy organization that identifies and removes the barriers that cause the children to languish in foster care. Many of those barriers are what we call barrier beliefs – beliefs that there are no families for older children and teens, beliefs that the children are too unstable to be in a stable family, beliefs that older children and teens don’t want families. There are policy and legal barriers as well.

  • We address and shift mindsets.
  • We facilitate the development of effective fiscal and programmatic policies.
  • We remove legal and policy barriers.

Our tools are influence and advocacy: we are at the tables where policies are made, we sponsor and pass far reaching legislation, and we melt barrier beliefs with irresistible information.

Impact of our work:

  • More youth in foster care are getting permanent families as public and private agencies use our methodologies to start or expand specialized permanency services.
  • More adoption and guardianship families are getting specialized support needed to navigate the predictable adjustments that come with integrating children with histories of trauma and loss into their families as the impact of our legislation ripples out.
  • More children are reunifying with birth parents who are supported by resource families who helped bridge the gap as a result of our early permanency projects.

We are a cost-effective, advocacy organization with proven impacts. We need your help. It is people like you, people who care about these children that fund our work with your donations. Please feel welcome to contact us directly to learn more about our work and how you can help.

How to give


  • One-time online donation through Network for Good. blue_lt
  • Recurring online donations – please consider, small gifts given monthly add up to significant gifts. Click the Donate Now button above. Network for Good makes it easy to set up recurring donations and to modify or end the giving to meet your philanthropic needs.
  • Cash or check donation – please send to Families NOW, 11793 Lower Colfax Road, Grass Valley, CA 95945.
  • Electronic fund transfer gifts, one-time or recurring, through your banking institution’s Bill Pay feature.
  • Gift of appreciated stock – enjoy a tax deduction for the full current value of the stock without incurring taxable income by transferring the stock directly to Families NOW. Call 530-477-2900 to learn more.
  • Planned Gift – include Families NOW in your estate planning through a bequest, donor advised investment fund, charitable remainder trust or charitable gift annuity, (both provides income during your lifetime), or other planned giving vehicles. Call 530-477-2900 to learn more.

Corporate Community Benefit Sponsors:

  • We welcome partnerships with civic minded businesses who understand that meeting the needs of our children improves the lives of all of us.

Foundations and Trusts:

  • Investing in effective advocacy to improve outcomes for children in the child welfare systems has a high return on investment and removes barriers to the provision direct services that help the children. We welcome inquiries from foundations committed to making a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.
  • We are proud to having partnered with the following foundations and trusts

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